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New England Conservatory: Jordan Hall
Boston, Massachusetts
Thursday, 5 April 2018 - 7:30 PM
The Borromeo String Quartet Guest Artist Award provides NEC students the opportunity to perform with the Quartet in Jordan Hall.

Great artists give free concerts at New England Conservatory—simply because they teach here. The Borromeo String Quartet is New England Conservatory's quartet-in-residence.

About the Borromeo String Quartet Guest Artist Award

Awarded annually, students are chosen through a three-day audition process which includes solo playing and chamber music reading with the BSQ. Established in 2001, there have been over 60 winners to date in performances spanning 15 years, including:

2017 - Matthew Griffith, Alexander Hersh, Jesse Morrison, Wooyeon Yoo, Stephanie Zyzak, Ravos Quartet (Gergana Haralampieva and Geneva Lewis, violin, Zhanbo Zheng, viola, Audrey Chen, cello) 2016 - Kate Arndt, Stella Ye Lin Cho, Isabelle David, Marthe Husum 2015 - Eva Aronian, Kenny Lee, Sophie Scolnik-Brower 2014 - Elizabeth Burns, Joseph Gotoff, Alexi Kenney, Steven Laraia, Yannick Rafalimanana, Adrian Sanborn 2013 - DJ Cheek, Louise Grevin, Nathaniel Martin 2012 - Rhiannon Banerdt, Ari Isaacman-Beck, Wenting Kang, Gwen Krosnick, Elizabeth O'Neil, Emely Phelps 2011 - Tony Flynt, Yoo Jin Jang, Hanna Lee, Caleb Van der Swaagh 2010 - Holgen Gjoni, Amanda Hardy, Audrey Wright 2009 - Andrei Baumann, Laura Colgate, Mary Lynch, Oleksandr Vavilov 2008 - Robin Scott, Bradford Gleim, Daniel Lee, Han Bin Yoon 2007 - Sarah Darling, Will Amsel 2006 - Jonathan Aner, Shirley Brill, Sébastien Gingras, Andrea Lee 2005 - Natalie Erlich, Tao Ni, Ethan Pernela, Tee Khoon Tang 2004 - Alexei Gonzales, Sooyun Kim, Alexis Sykes 2003 - Alicia DiDonato, Stephanie Fong, Dina Vainshtein, Carletti Quartet: Beverly Shin, Harumi Rhodes, Jonathan Vinocour, Cheng-Hou Lee 2002 - Ben Hoadley, Tali Morgulis, Michael Norsworthy 2001- Ben Levy, Scott Nicholas, Heather Peterson, Melissa Reardon

Photo credit: Richard Bowditch
Presenter: New England Conservatory
Program TBA
Ensemble: Borromeo String Quartet
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